4 Mantras that will transform your life.

Shalini Negi
3 min readApr 8, 2020

All of us are in some kind of race and hassle. The race for a better life, the race for a better partner, the race for a better job, the race for becoming better than someone else, etc. Everyone has set certain goals for them and working so restlessly to achieve it but in that process, we tend to forget to enjoy the present that we have in our hands. We lose moments that we may never gonna get back. I find it very sad that whenever we meet someone, a maximum of them ask us about our studies and careers, but very few of them ask about our happiness and sadness.

We should be ambitious and should have high dreams. We should follow them too. But meanwhile, we all should realize the importance of slowing down, the importance of taking rest, the importance of calm and silence. Life is all about finding calm in the chaos. We are working our asses off to make our future brighter than present but what if there is no tomorrow, What if you have only today.

We should take some time to connect to ourselves. Today, most of us do not know how we feel and what makes us happy & sad. We are more concerned about the future than the present.

I believe everyone should take out some time for doing things that makes them happy, We do not spend much time with ourselves, We do not spend time in knowing ourselves. We are always available for our boss, teacher, family, and friends. But not available for ourselves only.

I am going to list 4 mantras that have helped me to connect to myself. I hope you find them helpful.

1. Meditation:

Photo by Simon Minaj on Unsplash

Meditation makes the connection between the body and the eternal soul. Meditation helps us to know what we actually need, what makes us happy and sad. Meditation provides us with the power to stay calm in every situation. We should take at least 15–20 minutes from our busy schedule to practice Meditation.

2. Diary Entry:

Diary entry is a way of keeping your memories alive. Writing down your emotions into words helps you to channelize and simplify your emotions. Write about things you are grateful for, things that made you happy, new people you met and your plans for the next day.

3. Solitude:

Our happiness should be our responsibility, we should love our own company. Once in while go alone for brunch/lunch to a silent place to introspect. The more you know yourself, the happier you are. There is a famous quote which says “Whoever is happy will make other happy”. We should be emotionally independent. A person may be available today but may not be available tomorrow, so your happiness should not depend upon others. Solitude is bliss.

4. Gratitude & Prayer:

The most important mantra for happiness is practising gratitude. Gratitude is the best attitude. We should be thankful to God for everything we have. Pray before your meal, Pray before going to sleep. Never feel shy to take god’s help. When you pray God Listens. When you Listen, God-talks. When you believe, God Works.

I hope and pray to god that these mantras help you too to connect to your soul.

Stay home & stay save :)